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Services and Rates

Write and Talk 4 WH 1 Hour Private Coaching

Get clarity on what you desire to be, do, or have in your life, career, or community by getting it out of the mental chatter of your mind and onto paper.



Write and Talk 4 WH 1.5 hour Group Coaching (up to 5 people). 

Same as 4 WH 1 Hour Private Coaching except done with up to 4 other people.

$250/group.  Good for businesses, families, and other small groups who are trying to successfully collaborate on a project.  


$40/person.  Good for individuals who who need clarity in designing some area of their life.  Here you may be placed with up to 4 other persons.


Walk and Talk Private Coaching

Same as 4WH 1 Hour Private Coaching; except done outside in the peace and tranquility of nature.