Professionals in a meeting

The Butterfly


The butterfly was chosen as the main representative for the Awakening the Butterflies Club and the Tell-A-Vision Club due to it being rich in symbolic meaning.

Perhaps you have undergone a really hard time and carry a heavy vibration because of it.  Take heart because the butterfly represents the ability to look at life in a carefree light-hearted way.

The butterfly in general represents

  • Transformation
  • Life stages
  • Conditioning
  • Change
  • Support
  • The transcendent energies
  • The freedom of a free spirit
  • The magic of believing
  • Joy and lightness
  • Dance
  • Patience
  • Releasing fear
  • The brevity of life
  • So much more

And just like the symbolism of the butterfly expands depending on its color, so does the qualities of the human depending on their make-up, background, and the environment in which they grew up. But non-the-less they are each set apart by their own uniqueness. 

So as you can see to become an official Butterfly is no small feat, but once accomplished it will give you the ability to not only create everything you want in your life, but will show you how to help others to do the same for their lives.