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Awakening the Butterflies Club is a manifesting through concious awareness and conscious creation club.  It's 2-part mission is

1. To bring conscious awareness to the thoughts, beliefs, and stories that keep you stuck. and

2. To get you into your vortex, and keep you there, so you can quickly, within 7 days, manifest the things you desire in your life.  

The club consists of three 7-day phase challenges.  

Phase 1

7 Day $100 Meditation and Mindfulness Belief Shift Challenge is all about laying the right foundation in your mind for being in the vibration needed to attract what you desire. It is designed as a fast paced, fun group challenge where participants can achieve powerful transformation and manifestations in as little as 7 days.  As well as win money and other prizes for taking quick "right" action.   Participants will leave with the  insight, tools, and strategies to always be able to instantly get back into their vortex should they fall out.

Phase 2 

7 Day $300 "I Love Me Because I See Me" Self-love Challenge

Now that challengers know all about the vortex and the tools, strategies, and techniques for getting there and staying, they will take their new mindset and work on how they view themselves.  This challenge's primary focuses are on self-love, believing in ones self, confidence, and gratitude. The daily challenges and expectations get a bit higer, but so do they payouts and prizes.

Participants will learn a six-step processt that will allow them to acheive a higher state of conciousness in as little as 5-10 minutes a day.  By the end of the 7 day challenge you will know self-exploration beyond your conscious limits and have a better relationship with your conscious mind and the univers.

Phase 3

7 Day $500 Positive Thought Fast

In this final phase participants will see if they really have cultivated the mindset to being an official Butterfly.  Capable of not only manifesting their desires, but also helping and supporting others in doing the same.  Successful participants will have manifested 2 or more goals.





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